Things to look out for when buying a used caravan

Are gas / electrical tests up to date (within 12 month)

Walls and roof are in good condition with no dents or buckling or distortion.

Windows doors roof lights and ventilators fully operational as should be rear lights flashers and reflectors which should also be undamaged and meet current legal requirements.

The Roof Walls and Floor should be weatherproof straight and true free from watermark stains (could take damp meter readings), floor free from soft spots, furniture correctly fitted and undamaged, upholstery and carpets undamaged without unsightly repairs or stains. No signs of Plumbing leaks or dampness on and around pipe work, cracks on fixtures and fittings, check for pleasant general ambience and avoid unpleasant or feisty smells. Stay well clear of Leaking roofs no matter how nice the carpet or sofa is!

The Chassis and draw bar should be rust free, no cracks or repaired fractures, straight and tight.

Under gear should operate efficiently with no signs of rust or fatigue (springs, dampers, suspension linkages’ corner legs) Wheels free and not distorted.

Brakes linkages overrun and reversing gear all operational.

Tyres sound with 3mm of tread complying with Tyre Safety Regs

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