Bicycle Storage Unit Demonstration

Here is a digital demonstration of the green bicycle storage unit, these units measure 1330mm H x 1960mm W x 890mm D and are capable of storing up to 3 adult sized bikes. The storage units come with a spring operated door for easy access and have two padlock points for security (padlocks not included).

These storage units are also available in cream or a woodpanel effect, they are maintenance free and come with a 25 year guarantee.

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Static caravan storage boxes and storage solutions

At the caravan shop we know how important it is for holiday home and static caravan owners to be able to store items safely and leave them for periods of time with piece of mind that are sheltered and protected.  Whether you are storing bikes, caravan furniture, patio furniture or your lawn mower and other gardening tools; we have a complete range of strong and reliable metal storage boxes designed to meet these requirements.

SENTINEL STORAGE UNIT GREEN - 1000mm H x 1090mm W x 660mm DBIKE STORE STORAGE UNIT GREEN - 1330mm H x 1960mm W x 890mm DSTOWAWAY STORAGE UNIT GREEN - 1130mm H x 1960mm W x 890mm D

Specifically designed for use on caravan parks with static caravan or holiday homes, the metal storage boxes are both light weight and fire resistant, meaning they are safe to place between caravans and also easy to move if you ever change your pitch or caravan.

With their strong rigid construction and well-engineered design the storage boxes we have available at the come with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee for increased peace of mind that your caravan accessories and other outdoor accessories are being well looked after.

With a unique and easy to use spring assisted opening action, the metal storage boxes are both easy to operate and give full walk in access making it easier to retrieve your items from the storage unit.

From the range of metal storage units available there are a few units that have been designed specifically with certain storage issues in mind. A great way to explore the surroundings of your holiday home or static caravan is on a bike, but how can you be sure that when you are away from you caravan the bike is safe? What better way than storing you valuable bikes in the Bike Storage Unit. This has been designed specifically for this task and can hold up to three adult sized bikes and keep them safe, sheltered and secure.

We also offer a selection of great storage unit’s for keeping your important but sometimes unsightly gas bottles safe and out of sight. Both the senturion gas storage 247 and the senturion gas storage 447 are the perfect way to safely store your gas bottles out of sight and safe from harm at your caravan.

SENTURION GAS STORAGE UNIT 247 GREEN - 1570mm H x 1120mm W x 690mm DSENTURION GAS STORAGE UNIT 447 - 1570mm H x 1960mm W x 690mm D

The storage units are available in an attractive environmental olive green finish, a cream finish to match most static caravans and holiday homes or a wood panel effect. There are many accessories available such as shelving units for the storage boxes and flooring panels designed and sized specifically to fit within the metal storage boxes.


If you would like to know more about our Storage Units, please feel free to ask any questions below or leave comments below.

Enjoy your Caravan! Team,